Dustin Brackney –
Owner and Project Manager

Dustin is a landscape architect by training graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2000. Shortly after graduating he worked at Atelier Dreiseitl in Germany where he first learned about green roofs and unique, artistic ways to deal with stormwater. He brought his passion back to Boston where he began designing and building residential landscapes. As a natural transition, in 2002 he collaborated with long-time friend & colleague, Charles Sinkler, to begin designing and building green roofs as the market expanded. With Apex Green Roofs he built vegetated roofs of all varieties and sizes throughout New England and the Mid Atlantic regions. He frequently participates in discussions and lectures about the emerging technology and is one of the few experts in the field.

In 2012 Dustin moved to Houston, TX and started Hydroscapes Solutions. During this transition he built on his knowledge of landscape and green roofs to include other emerging technologies relevant to our water resource including: rainwater systems, gray water systems, living walls, pervious pavements, natural swimming pools and composting toilets.


Dustin Speaking Engagements:

  1. Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks (August 2009)– Green Roof Basics
  2. Build Boston 2009 (November 2009) – Green Roof Design / Build Guidelines
  3. City of Somerville (July 2009) – Green Roof Design/Build Guidelines
  4. Charles River Watershed Association (November 2010) – Green Roof Design / Build Guidelines
  5. Halfmoon Seminars (November 2010) – Green Roof Maintenance
  6. Harvard Graduate School of Design (April 2011) – Green Roof Design / Build / Maintenance Guidelines
  7. MIT Conference for Social Entrepreneurs (October 2011) – Panel on Technologies with Social Impact in Urban Spaces

In addition to these more formal speaking engagements, Dustin has participated in numerous presentations at architecture and landscape architecture firms throughout the Boston area.